Control your transactions through the cloud with top of the line security.
If you’re looking for a state of the art “point of sale” processing system with top of the line security and information protection, come to ITC. Developed in Microsoft’s .NET technology, Odyssey InstaQuote operates in the cloud and integrates with comparative raters like ITC’s rating engine, making it easier for retail agents to do transactions like:

  • Single entry input.
  • Quick completion of an electronic application.
  • Cash application.
  • Endorsement processing.
  • Ability to print out applications and policies in the office via PDF files.

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  • Top of the line security and information protection.
  • Cloud-based computing.
  • More underwriting control since the agent must fill out the electronic application under control of programmed edits.
  • Completed applications are captured on a web server where the date and time is recorded for printing.
  • Successful entry will allow a policy number to be assigned and returned to the agent.
  • MVRs and CLUE reports can be ordered prior to application entry thereby greatly reducing the occurrence of uprates.
  • Policies, I.D. cards, lineholder notices, binders, and applications can be laser printed at point of sale.
  • Electronic funds transfer of down payments is supported.
  • Speeds up the processing of new business.
  • Eliminates new business data entry for the insurance company or managing general agency.
  • Reduces errors since the data is being edited at point of sale.
  • Substantial reduction in incoming and outgoing mail and related activities.
  • Allows the agent to do online endorsements.
  • Reduction in postage expense.
  • Reduces customer service activity for both the agent and company.
  • Reduces E&O exposures.
  • More customer satisfaction.


Requires a PC that will run Windows 98 or greater, a laser printer, and an Internet Service Provider.


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