ITC’s Odyssey Claims System is designed specifically for today’s property & casualty insurance company. This advanced system is a 100% web-based solution that operates in the cloud while processing and tracking all carrier and third party administrator claims activity with top of the line security and information protection.

Odyssey Claims is designed to seamlessly integrate into the ITC and other policy systems. This provides instant policy and coverage verification and simplifies the claims setup process.

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  • Top of the line security and information protection.
  • Cloud-based computing.
  • Automatic setup of reserves by coverage with override capabilities.
  • Losses and expenses are maintained separately.
  • Integrated diary/notes system.
  • Automatic reserve takedowns.
  • Advanced search capabilities let you quickly locate the claims you are looking for with a wide range of search fields.
  • Salvage/subrogation supported.
  • Laser drafts can be produced to claimants and outside service providers.
  • Manual drafts may be recorded.
  • 1099’s produced for outside service providers.
  • Detail and summary report writer is integrated to allow on-demand reports to be created by the user.
  • Experience report writer provides written, earned, incurred loss, beginning and ending outstanding reserves, loss ratios etc. for all business.  Totals can be broken down in many categories such as: company, producer, state, annual statement line, territory, coverage code, etc.  The report writer allows queries to be created and catalogued for future use.

ITC uses .Net forms authentication to log users into the system.  From that point, ITC has used a role-based concept for user system security. Roles are setup to control what forms, tasks, and access a specific user has.

The system is designed to be configured based on a client’s method for doing business. There are system and insurance company configuration settings, logging, database maintenance, and performance testing.

This section of the system is used to setup and maintain:

  • Claim Codes
  • Adjusters
  • Vendors
  • Recovery Companies
  • Loss Cause
  • Catastrophe Codes
  • Fixed Reserves
  • Custom Fields
  • Letter Macro
  • Company Accounts
  • Correct Feature Coverage
  • Letter Attachments
  • Subrogation Letters


  • Claim Detail
  • Loss Notice
  • Daily Loss Register
  • Loss History
  • Catastrophe
  • Summary
  • Large Loss
  • Closed Claims
  • Vendor Detail
  • Claims Counts
  • Stale Claims
  • Claims by Adjuster
  • Claim Litigation
  • Letter Templates
  • Letter Batch Printing
  • Recoveries

100% Web-based developed in Microsoft’s .Net Environment using VB.Net and SQL Server. File Server: Windows 2003 or greater utilizing Microsoft’s Internet Information Server 5.0 or greater and SQL Server 2003 or greater. Workstations: Windows XP or greater with Pentium processor 1 GB RAM.

Available now. The system has been operational since March of 2010.
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